Monday, March 21, 2011

Melissa's {tres chic} Photoshoot

Melissa is one of the most fun and darling people I have ever met! She is absolutely hilarious and we had so much fun working together on this photoshoot! She was the winner of a photography giveaway from Magnifique Photography and also won hair and makeup from yours truly. She is a fabulous mother and a lovely person to be around. Not to mention she totally cracks me up! I was able to go out on the photoshoot with Melissa and Terra and we had quite the adventure! We were mostly in the downtown Ogden area. We saw a couple of homeless people breaking into a car and later were kicked out of a parking lot because they had "No Photographers Allowed" signs posted all over a gorgeous red wall. Our lives were threatened and so was Terra's camera. Needless to say, we survived and had lots to laugh about! Thanks Melissa, it was too much fun!

PS My clients are LOVING the red lipstick (if you haven't already noticed!) and I totally think Melissa looks like a dark haired modern day Marilyn Monroe! I love her energy and personality!

Look how lashes can enhance your photos!

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