Monday, May 30, 2011


I know that I say this a lot, but this is one product that I can't live without! I honestly believe that every woman should have a MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly". It is a fabulous cream to powder base that acts as an amazing eyelid primer. It is waterproof, and crease proof, which is amazing! I don't know about you, but I have the hardest time with my eye shadows creasing before the day is half over! When I use "Painterly" Paint Pot under my shadow it lasts all day, all night, and then some. I have even slept with my makeup on (oops! don't tell!) once before and woke up to perfect eye makeup because I started my eye makeup by using a paint pot!

I love love love "Painterly" Paint Pot!! It is a nice matte flesh colored tone, that really helps cover eyelid redness. I put it on with my concealer brush and then put my shadow combo for the day over it! It keeps shadow where you put it, without getting that unintentional smokey eye look by the end of the day. If you like to use shadow as your eyeliner, it is great to put "Painterly" under the eye also where you are putting the liner. It will stay put all day! I also love using "Blackground" Paint Pot on the eyelid when going for a very dark smokey eye look. "Constructivist" is also nice for a very warm rich brown smokey eye. You can use these Paint Pots as a primer, as well as a shadow. As much as I love both of these shades, "Painterly" is still most favorite because it is so versatile.

Like I said, every woman should have MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly"!! Try it out, I promise you will love it!

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What is your WONDER PRODUCT!?

xo, hannah

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