Monday, October 3, 2011

Roaring 20's Photoshoot

I am seriously in L-O-V-E with this photoshoot. Terra Cooper asked me to help her out with a roaring 20's shoot with a modern feel. We had beautiful models, gowns, and scenery to work with! Terra had seen a red double decker bus in Draper that we really wanted to use for the shoot, so she contacted the owners. They actually run the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus. For people that run a haunted attraction, (which I am terrified of haunted houses so in my mind I was expecting a couple of terrifying people) they were some of the nicest people I have ever met! They gave us some fun history of the bus and how they acquired it. It actually came to America from England on the last voyage of the Queen Mary. It was still running and so perfect for the shoot! Our darling friend Janet from Danielle's Bridal had some perfect wedding gowns and accessories and was so sweet to bring them with! As always, her selection of gowns are to die for!

My inspiration for this shoot was very Clara Bow type hair and makeup. I wanted lots of fingerwaves, and faux-bobs. With 1920's makeup you really have to do opposite of everything that you normally do. Changing the shape of the brow and focusing on the inner corners of the eyes rather than the outer corner. Because camera/video technology in the 1920s was very basic, the women had to enhance their features with lots of makeup. I wanted to replicate that, but with a modern smokey eye and dramatic lip, extending the cupids bow. I am just in love with these photos, and I hope you are too!! The darling blue vintage car was provided by Something Vintage Something Blue. The photography was done by the very talented Terra Cooper of Magnifique Photography.

Can this style of veil PLEASE come back into style? Because I love it. ALOT.

Models: Chloe Allsop & Heather Meacham

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