Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Photoshoot {Celebrity Look Alike Contest}

The amazing Terra Cooper of Magnifique Photography just did a photoshoot with darling Clarissa who looks a lot like Jessica Biel (I did the Hair/Makeup). She thought that it would be really fun to do a shoot for someone who looks like a celebrity. So... We want to see your celebrity look alike! Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? WE WANT YOU TO ENTER! The winner will receive a free make over by me transforming them into their celebrity look alike! The winner will also receive a free fashion photoshoot with Magnifique Photography! Here is what you need to do:

1. Submit a picture of yourself and your celebrity look-alike to by DECEMBER 10th. (You can also submit a link to a picture of the celebrity if you can’t get the picture saved)

2. On December 12th I will post all of the entries on my blog and Facebook fan page, as well as Terra's blog and Facebook fan page.

3. Get the most votes! You get one vote for each of the following:

* Have friends “like” your picture on my Facebook fan page. They also need to "like" my fan page Hannah Goodrich Hair and Makeup Artistry

* Have friends “like” your picture on Terra's Facebook fan page. They also need to “like” Magnifique Photography.

* Have friends make a comment on my blog voting for you.

* Have friends make a comment on Terra’s blog voting for you.

Pretty easy, right? You can get 4 votes per friend. So start searching for that celebrity look-alike and submit your pictures ASAP!

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