Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Falcettes 2012

I had the amazing opportunity to work with the Clearfield High School Falcettes for their dance team photos this year. It was a little crazy, there were 19 girls and about 2 hours to get everyone ready! We did several full faces, but the majority of the girls just had their eye makeup done along with the application of false lashes. It was a little crazy, but I was lucky to have an amazing assistant with me, Sarah, who helped me out so much! She is pretty much the greatest thing next to sliced bread. She is an amazing makeup artist, and literally has taught me everything I know. Did I happen to mention that she is the worlds best mom? Well, mostly because I am her daughter!! How lucky am I to be able to work with my mom occaisionally!! With the girls we really wanted to focus on their eyes and make them pop! We also wanted to keep it really natural and teen-like. Here are a few photos of the work we did! These girls were too much fun! Photos by Terra Cooper of Magnifique Photography

This is just the tip of the iceberg!! I wish I had more room to show all of the gorgeous photos! I will add some to my facebook page soon so keep checking back!

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